OFFSHORE WIND: Maine’s governor touts the publication of the state’s new offshore wind roadmap, which shows floating turbine tech won’t significantly contribute to energy production until at least 2030. (Bangor Daily News, WMTW)

ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Numerous Black employees of Tesla’s electric vehicle factory in South Buffalo, New York, report being subject to racist comments and biased treatment. (Investigative Post)

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• New York City environmentalists push back on a plan to install a massive series of waterfront barriers to mitigate sea level rise and floods over ecosystem and neighborhood impacts. (WNYC)
• For over 50 years, a Maine woman has tracked climate data, providing federal officials with vital information to understand weather and climate change. (WBUR)
• Some climatologists say Baltimore’s recently record-warm temperatures are a sign that the city’s distinct four seasons are coming to an end. (Baltimore Sun)
• Philadelphia’s first tree plan recommends a new city forester position to coordinate the planting of thousands of trees to help bring more cooling shade to neighborhoods. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: As New Jersey officials say they’ll start implementing a major environmental justice law this spring, local advocates say it shouldn’t have taken so long to do so. (Gothamist)

PIPELINES: Pennsylvania environmentalists fighting pipeline development cheer the top state court’s decision to let people impacted by permitted industrial activities more easily get developers to reimburse their legal fees. (Daily Local News)

WORKFORCE: Observers question how Maine will train the massive number of new electricians it needs in time to meet its climate targets. (Maine Public Radio)

EFFICIENCY: In New York, the Albany airport receives $2 million in federal grants for energy efficiency and HVAC projects, among other measures. (Times Union)

• Some residents of a southern Vermont town oppose developing a 20 MW solar array that the developer says won’t be visible because of trees. (WCAX)
• A Penn State-led team develops a more time- and cost-effective method of creating perovskite devices that could help test out new solar-related prototypes more quickly. (news release)

COMMENTARY: A Union of Concerned Scientists director writes that the continued reliance on fossil fuels is a greater threat to whales and the lobster industry in the Northeast than offshore wind. (Union of Concerned Scientists)

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