POLLUTION: More than a third of Americans live in areas that regularly see unhealthy air pollution levels, with people of color four times more likely to live in polluted places than White people. (ABC News)

• Foreign automakers will have to wait until at least next year before their electric vehicles could possibly be eligible for federal tax credits. (E&E News)
• Experts say the Biden administration’s electric vehicle plan hinges on unproven assumptions that domestic production of battery minerals will quickly grow to meet demand. (E&E News)
• Sen. Joe Manchin takes aim at the U.S. EPA’s proposed tailpipe emissions rules that would hasten the electric vehicle transition, saying he’ll join with Republicans to overturn them. (E&E News)
• New Jersey temporarily halts its electric vehicle rebate program after distributing $35 million, saying the program will soon run out of funding because it’s so popular. (Associated Press)

POLITICS: House Republicans look to repeal parts of the Inflation Reduction Act in a bill needed to raise the debt ceiling, which Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says would be “dead on arrival” in his chamber. (E&E News)

• Facing increased flooding threats as the climate warms, the Latino- and immigrant-heavy city of Chelsea, Massachusetts, builds a small microgrid to keep essential services’ power on during emergencies. (Mother Jones)
• Federal regulators reject Southwest Power Pool’s proposal that would clear a path for transmission developers to profit off grid upgrades, saying it could increase generators’ costs. (Utility Dive)

• Rural Texas residents call for stricter state regulation on the growing number of wind and solar companies attracted by their abundant open land and close access to transmission lines. (Texas Tribune)
• A California startup says its earth-mounted solar panels cost less to install, use less land and can be installed more quickly than conventional photovoltaics. (Canary Media)
• An energy company expects to begin construction next year on a 3,500 MW offshore wind farm near North Carolina. (Outer Banks Voice)

COAL: A utility’s $36 million plan to maintain a West Virginia coal-fired plant for a year does not include the additional $160 million cost of operating it plus another $324 million for the cost of coal. (West Virginia Public Broadcasting)

An environmental group’s report finds a program meant to certify natural gas as responsibly sourced is failing to find and repair oil and gas facility methane leaks in Colorado. (The Hill)
Tens of thousands of leaking abandoned oil and gas drilling wells dot eastern Ohio with no fix in sight, a journalist’s investigation finds. (Statehouse News Bureau)

TRANSPORTATION: The U.S. EPA quietly proposes allowing California to implement stricter emissions limits than the federal government on diesel-powered trains. (Washington Post)

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