POLITICS: A poll finds 57% of Americans disapprove of President Biden’s handling of climate change, though 71% say they haven’t heard much about the Inflation Reduction Act and its clean energy incentives. (Washington Post)

• The U.S. has seen 83 new clean energy manufacturing facilities and dozens more electric vehicle and component factories announced in the year since the Inflation Reduction Act was passed. (S&P Global)
• The U.S. added 2.7 GW of new solar power and 1.5 GW of grid-scale battery storage in the second quarter of this year. (PV Tech, Energy Storage News)

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CARBON CAPTURE: The Biden administration will soon announce the first recipients of federal funding to build carbon capture facilities that suck the pollutant out of the air. (E&E News)

OIL & GAS: New England’s largest power utility exits one of the country’s most powerful gas trade organizations, calling the departure part of its decarbonization prioritization plan. (WBUR)

• House Democrats call on the Securities and Exchange Commission to require public companies disclose their climate risks and impacts. (E&E News)
• A glacial dam burst this weekend in Juneau, Alaska, sweeping away two homes and highlighting how similar flooding threatens about 15 million people worldwide. (Associated Press)
• Federal flood maps are usually incomplete or outdated, leaving some Vermonters unaware they were living in a flood zone when severe storms lashed the state last month. (Grist)

ELECTRIFICATION: Southern California regulators vote to require large commercial ovens to be nitrous oxide emissions-free, effectively forcing companies to replace gas-burning ovens with electric ones. (Canary Media)

• Fully recharging an electric vehicle can be up to $80 cheaper than filling a gas tank in states where gas prices are high and electricity prices are low. (Washington Post)
• The Sierra Club says filings show Dominion Energy and Appalachian Power aren’t doing enough to prepare for the electric vehicle transition. (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

A peer-reviewed study finds California utilities are more likely to bury power lines to reduce fire risk in wealthy areas, leaving a “wildfire safety deficit” in low-income communities. (The Hill)
• Growing local opposition to large transmission projects that move renewable energy could create challenges for a Minnesota law requiring utilities to get 100% of their electricity from carbon-free sources by 2040. (MPR)
• Federal regulators deny several power companies’ request for a waiver from grid operator MISO’s new seasonal capacity rules, saying the waivers would have harmed generators across MISO’s footprint. (Utility Dive)

BIOMASS: Clean air advocates dismiss a Georgia wood pellet mill’s fine of $52,000 as “a drop in the bucket” as they sound the alarm on what they call lax enforcement of air pollution rules on the Southeast’s booming biomass industry. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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