EMISSIONS: Carbon emissions have ticked back up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, after a pandemic-related decline, prompting some local officials to raise concerns that the city is not decarbonizing fast enough. (MLive)

CLEAN ENERGY: An engineer and adviser with experience in clean energy projects in Ghana works on Chicago-area energy efficiency and renewable energy developments and provides job training in traditionally disinvested communities. (Energy News Network) 

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• Environmental justice advocates say the Biden administration is forcing carbon capture and storage projects on disadvantaged communities that have disproportionately suffered from pollution. (E&E News)
• Indiana county officials ask the U.S. EPA to extend a public comment period on proposed carbon dioxide storage sites. (Tribune-Star)

• In Iowa, regulators begin hearings today on a proposed carbon pipeline and are expected to first consider the developer’s eminent domain requests. (Iowa Capital Dispatch)
• In North Dakota, a carbon pipeline developer proposes a new route farther from Bismarck after state regulators denied a permit for a previous route. (Des Moines Register)
• In South Dakota, regulators are set to decide whether a state law supersedes local ordinances aimed at stopping carbon pipelines. (KELO)

WIND: Utility officials say a proposed 95-mile transmission line would help alleviate grid congestion caused by wind generation in North Dakota. (Prairie Public Broadcasting)

• Utilities in southern Wisconsin and Kansas say they are prepared to handle the increased grid demand expected during this week’s heat wave. (WKOW, Capital-Journal)
• Michigan utility DTE Energy says anticipated grid infrastructure upgrades in the coming years will create a more resilient and “dramatically different” grid in Ann Arbor and Detroit. (MLive)

• North Dakota’s pipeline authority director says the state needs more liquid natural gas pipelines to expand the state’s take-away capacity. (Prairie Public Broadcasting)
• A North Dakota official says a potential shutdown of the Dakota Access pipeline is still a looming threat amid an ongoing federal environmental impact study. (KFYR)

BATTERIES: Officials report a chemical leak at an Ohio electric vehicle battery manufacturing plant jointly operated by General Motors and LG, prompting a federal investigation. (WFMJ; Detroit News, subscription)

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NUCLEAR: Leaking coolant causes a southeastern Michigan nuclear plant to temporarily shut down, though regulators say there is no threat to the public. (WTOL)

COMMENTARY: The CEO of a carbon pipeline development company says a proposed project has broad support among Iowa landowners after signing voluntary easements along 72% of the proposed route. (Des Moines Register)

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