CLIMATE: G7 countries’ annual meeting ends without a new commitment to phase out fossil fuel use as the U.S. pushes countries to ramp up clean energy while facilitating its allies’ access to oil and natural gas. (New York Times)

• In a letter, 79 House Democrats express concerns with tying energy permitting reform to must-pass debt limit legislation, citing potential environmental harms. (The Hill)
• Dozens of groups call on the American Clean Power Association to oppose federal permitting reforms that would speed the deployment of fossil fuel projects. (Axios)

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Cory Booker: Taking on Big Ag & Going Big on Climate 
Join Climate One Host Greg Dalton in conversation with Senator Cory Booker about reforming America’s food system and turning Inflation Reduction Act dollars into clean tech investments and green jobs.

• The Mountain Valley Pipeline gains momentum toward its long-delayed completion with the award of a federal permit to cross Jefferson National Forest and outspoken backing by Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm. (E&E News)
• Newly revealed documents show how law enforcement and a security contractor for the Dakota Access Pipeline coordinated to purchase equipment and wage a disinformation campaign against protesters. (Grist/Intercept)

• Two developers are conducting feasibility studies for siting a 215 MW solar farm and 100 MW energy storage system on the largest coal waste pile in the eastern U.S. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
• Ohio clean energy advocates say state regulators have been inconsistent and arbitrary with how they weigh local opposition to solar projects, causing uncertainty for developers. (Energy News Network)
• A startup is developing robots tailored to build utility-scale solar installations to counter labor shortages and speed up deployment. (Canary Media)
Southern California residents push back against utility-scale solar development, saying it is bringing down property values and harming the desert. (Guardian) 

• Colorado and Minnesota are taking advantage of the federal Inflation Reduction Act by ramping up their incentives for clean energy and electric vehicle adoption. (Inside Climate News)
California Gov. Gavin Newsom proposes streamlining offshore wind and clean energy transmission permitting by limiting environmental lawsuits to nine months. (San Diego Union-Tribune)

• Pushback to large-scale transmission projects across the country highlights the challenges of building the lines needed to transport new clean energy from where it’s generated to population centers. (Guardian)
• Federal regulators find bright spots amid a bleak grid reliability forecast for this summer, including a prediction that new power supplies will outpace demand growth. (Utility Dive)

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Volunteer EV Drivers Needed!
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CARBON CAPTURE: Residents of a Mississippi town warn against the expansion of carbon capture projects after a 2020 mass poisoning from a carbon dioxide pipeline rupture that hospitalized at least 45 people. (NPR)

OIL & GAS: A medical watchdog group finds thousands of pounds of PFAS, or carcinogenic “forever chemicals,” have been used to hydraulically fracture 260 New Mexico oil and gas wells. (Santa Fe New Mexican)

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