COP27: President Biden touts the Inflation Reduction Act, apologizes for President Trump’s Paris agreement withdrawal, and says the U.S. will meet its emissions reduction goals by 2030. (New York Times, NPR)

• Leaders from vulnerable countries say they’re disappointed Biden didn’t commit to climate loss and damage payments in his speech. (Washington Post)
• Scientists say global warming is already killing thousands each year, and that efforts to address the threat have been inadequate as leaders rely on “the myth of adaptation.” (Inside Climate News)

CLIMATE: The world can only emit greenhouse gases for another nine years if it hopes to avoid crossing the 1.5-degree warming threshold, an analysis finds. (The Hill)

BUILDINGS: As colleges across the country tout their energy efficient buildings, net-zero goals and climate research, many still use fossil fuels to heat, cool and power their buildings. (Reuters)

• Largely only purchased by “EV nerds” and the wealthy just two years ago, electric vehicles are entering the mainstream market even as supply shortages hold back their wider adoption. (New York Times)
• Electric vehicle startups are struggling to hit delivery targets and running low on cash thanks to supply chain shortages and rising costs. (Reuters)

POLITICS: Republicans’ likely takeover in the House may dampen federal climate efforts, but Democratic wins in gubernatorial and state legislative races could juice local emissions reduction efforts. (Canary Media)

• The late arrival of Hurricane Nicole this month following Hurricane Ian tested Florida’s changing grid as a model for other coastal communities as climate change makes hurricanes bigger and stronger. (E&E News)
• Western power market reliability officials call on grid operators to increase planning reserve margins to ensure reliability as more renewable energy is deployed. (Reuters)

COAL: U.S. regulators project a quarter of all coal-fired capacity will be retired by 2029, with four states home to 42% of planned retirements. (Reuters)

SOLAR: Only three projects have been completed since Massachusetts became the first state to offer agrivoltaic project incentives in 2018, but more are in the pipeline. (Energy News Network)

OIL & GAS: New Mexico environmentalists laud U.S. EPA plans to tighten methane emissions rules for oil and gas facilities and urge the Biden administration to ban routine venting and flaring. (Santa Fe New Mexican)

ELECTRIFICATION: Electric heat pumps can be appealing options for Midwest homeowners who need both air and heating equipment during the year, according to a Purdue University researcher. (Indianapolis Star)

COMMENTARY: The U.S. shouldn’t have to scrap environmental protections and permitting processes to speed up much-needed clean energy deployment, a journalist writes. (Sierra)

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