COP27: At this year’s COP27 climate conference, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres says countries have one big choice in fighting climate change: “cooperate or perish.” (Axios)

• Biden administration officials say they’ll focus on pushing companies to step up their climate commitments at COP27, which is usually dominated by discussions of government action. (Washington Post)
• Developing countries intend to hold wealthy nations accountable for their emissions and climate-induced damages at COP27, demanding financial commitments for adaptation and mitigation projects. (New York Times)
• The U.S. climate package attracts controversy at COP27 from trading partners who say its “Buy American” provisions violate trade agreements. (E&E News)

• COP27 attendees eye Tuesday’s U.S. midterm elections, which will have huge implications for the rollout of Democrats’ climate package. (Guardian)
• Congressional, regulatory, and judicial candidates pivotal to the U.S.’s climate future close their campaigns with energy talking points. (Grist, E&E News)
• If they take control of Congress, Republicans will look to weaken a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission proposal to force companies to disclose their emissions and climate risks. (Inside Climate News)

ELECTRIC VEHICLES: In comments to the IRS, automakers ask for clarity and say new tax credits should account for the current difficulty of manufacturing electric vehicle batteries in the U.S. (E&E News)

CLIMATE: The Biden administration will allocate funding to three Alaska and two Washington state tribes to relocate away from rivers and coastlines and their increasing flood risk. (New York Times)

ELECTRIFICATION: Washington state’s building code council votes to require heat pumps in all new residential construction starting in July, as critics worry the systems will be hard to come by. (Spokesman-Review)

GRID: North Dakota officials market the state as a clean-grid destination for cryptocurrency companies, but experts say mining operations are likely to run on an energy mix that’s dirtier than the national average. (Energy News Network)

UTILITIES: Duke Energy begins the process of selling its commercial renewable business by pricing it at $4 billion. (PV Magazine)

• Sen. Joe Manchin says President Biden’s comments calling for more coal plant closures were “outrageous and divorced from reality,” (CNN)
• Customers of a New Mexico utility are paying the same rate for a shuttered coal plant as they were when it was running after the state’s Supreme Court ruled the utility can stop issuing bill credits. (Source NM)

OIL & GAS: Colorado’s overhaul of oil and gas regulations has given citizens more power over drilling plans, and there are no ballot measures this year seeking to restrict the industry, as there have been in previous cycles. (E&E News)

HYDROGEN: Exxon’s proposal to use federal funding to convert natural gas into “blue” hydrogen at a Texas refinery catches criticism from environmentalists who say doing so would further entrench fossil fuels. (Inside Climate News)

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