Correction: A recent analysis predicted California will be among the top states for jobs created by the Inflation Reduction Act. A list of the top states in Friday’s newsletter contained an error.

OVERSIGHT: The U.S. EPA reinstates the legal reasoning behind a federal rule governing coal plants’ toxic emissions, providing a new path for the Biden administration to crack down on coal power. (E&E News)

• The U.S. has 25 GW of solar projects under construction, with Texas, Florida and California home to some of the biggest projects. (PV Magazine)
• North Carolina nonprofits seek new ways to finance solar projects after a Duke Energy rebate program expires just as it was catching on. (Energy News Network)
• ISO New England says regional, small-scale solar arrays reduced power demand in the middle of the day more than ever last year. (NHPR)
• A New York solar manufacturer plans to bring production back from overseas, citing geopolitical issues and federal incentives for American-made goods. (Utility Dive)

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• Environmental groups and researchers are skeptical of cryptocurrency companies’ claims about reducing emissions from their operations. (Grist)
• The U.S. Energy Department offers $50 million to support clean energy development on tribal lands. (news release)

POLITICS: President Biden names as his top economic advisor a former Federal Reserve vice chair who’s known for sounding the alarm on climate change’s financial risks. (Washington Post)

ELECTRIC VEHICLES: While the Ford F-150 Lightning and other heavy-duty electric vehicles have a lower emissions impact than their combustion counterparts, they’re about even on climate with smaller gas cars. (New York Times)

• A task force of state and federal energy regulators weighs the costs and benefits of boosting protections for U.S. grid infrastructure amid a rise in attacks. (States Newsroom)
• An analysis finds more wind energy and interregional transmission could have prevented some rolling blackouts across North Carolina and Tennessee during December’s winter storm. (CleanTechnica)
• A New York Power Authority demonstration project uses a lithium-ion battery storage system to lower energy costs and shave power demand peaks. (S&P Global)
• Pacific Gas & Electric tests a virtual power plant that discharges residential battery power into the grid during emergencies against one that runs every afternoon during summer months. (Canary Media)

NUCLEAR: Officials in Virginia coal country hope small modular nuclear reactors can reinvigorate a part of the U.S. that’s so far been left behind by the clean energy transition. (Washington Post)

ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: Black Minnesota residents face stark health disparities compared to White people in the state because of their close proximity to air pollution sources, including automobile traffic and trash incinerators. (MinnPost)

COMMENTARY: Induction stoves not only eliminate gas stoves’ health and climate effects — they also cook more efficiently and precisely than gas, a decarbonization advocate argues. (Canary Media)

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