ELECTRIC VEHICLES: General Motors’ CEO discusses the company’s goal of overtaking Tesla as the top electric vehicle seller by 2030, with a focus on making more affordable cars. (New York Times)

• South Korean automaker Hyundai is expected to announce next week during President Joe Biden’s visit to South Korea that it’s building a new electric vehicle plant in Georgia. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Associated Press)
• Nissan executives expect to build a third electric vehicle manufacturing plant in the U.S. to meet demand in the coming years. (Associated Press)

• Congress members discuss bills to ramp up American manufacturing, highlighting the need to more quickly produce semiconductors needed for solar panels and electric vehicles. (E&E News)
• Federal lawmakers agree they need to overhaul U.S. mining laws, but divisions between the Biden administration and progressives could slow progress. (E&E News)
• National lab researchers have produced magnets that can pull lithium from water, providing a potential new source of the clean energy-critical mineral. (Inside Climate News)

SOLAR: U.S. solar capacity growth could be cut in half if new tariffs on Asian solar imports are implemented, a trade group estimates. (Canary Media)

• Analysts anticipate the volume of crude oil flowing from the Permian Basin to Gulf Coast export hubs could jump to pre-pandemic levels by October, although still falling short of pipeline capacity. (Reuters)
• Ohio and other states allow for the “beneficial use” of oil and gas wastewater for road de-icing and dust suppression, which critics say raises public health concerns. (Grist)

• PJM Interconnection unveils its plan to handle the retirement of fossil fuel plants, the expansion of offshore wind and other clean energy, and vehicle and building electrification. (Utility Dive)
• A Japanese company buying oil and gas-fired power plants on Massachusetts’ coast looks to sell their unused transmission capacity to offshore wind farms. (CommonWealth)

CLEAN ENERGY: The former mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts now leads a regional clean energy group, where he aims to expand its focus beyond business advocacy to include equity and environmental justice issues. (Energy News Network)

EQUITY: California researchers find that decarbonizing transportation, buildings and power generation would reduce racial disparities in air pollution exposure. (news release)

COAL: Advocates pressure U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia to restore and extend a coal production tax that funds a trust fund for coal miners with black lung disease. (Charleston Gazette-Mail)

HYDROGEN: An Australian company considers developing a green hydrogen production facility in Washington state that would employ workers from the retiring Centralia coal plant. (Bloomberg)

COMMENTARY: The leader of an advocacy group argues community ownership of utilities can help meet reliability, price and environmental goals, while an economist contends public power isn’t even worth studying. (Utility Dive)

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