ELECTRIFICATION: Bidirectional electric vehicle batteries could replace the need for energy storage systems in solar-equipped homes, making a reliable solar-powered home cheaper and more accessible. (Washington Post)

• Despite fossil fuel industry claims that heat pumps aren’t great for Maine’s cold climate, the technology’s popularity continues to rise in the state. (Washington Post)
• A residential decarbonization expert suggests steps to take if you’re thinking of using new federal incentives to electrify your home. (Canary Media)

JOBS: More than 100,000 climate and clean energy jobs were created in the months after the Inflation Reduction Act’s passage, an environmental group estimates. (The Hill)

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COAL: Current policies give the world just a 1 in 50 chance of phasing out coal power by 2050, climate researchers find. (The Hill)

CLIMATE: American climate migrants flee disaster-prone areas while more prosperous White residents benefit from climate resilience projects. (American Prospect)

HYDROGEN: An Illinois coalition seeks to leverage hundreds of millions of federal dollars to develop a Midwest hydrogen hub based on the state’s plentiful nuclear and renewable energy. (Energy News Network)

• Researchers say energy lost from snow on solar panels during winter months is minimal, and that multiple factors affect a system’s efficiency. (Indianapolis Star)
• A California startup repurposes more than a thousand old electric vehicle batteries to store solar energy and then sell the power to the grid at night. (Axios)

CRYPTOCURRENCY: As Democrats push federal agencies to crack down on cryptocurrency’s energy use, the Biden administration says it has authority to require miners to divulge energy consumption and emissions. (The Verge)

OHIO: Federal prosecutors use hundreds of exhibits to paint a detailed picture of the alleged corruption scheme that helped bail out uneconomic nuclear plants and weaken the state’s clean energy standards. (Energy News Network/Eye on Ohio)

LITHIUM: A federal judge orders regulators to reconsider part of their approval of Nevada’s proposed Thacker Pass lithium mine but rejects environmentalist and Indigenous groups’ claims the project would unnecessarily impact the environment. (Reuters)

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Fresh Energy seeks an executive director
Fresh Energy, a Minnesota-based clean energy and climate policy nonprofit with regional impact and national influence, is seeking a charismatic and inspirational leader to serve as its next Executive Director.

ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Washington state officials predict the state, which currently exports electricity, will need to import power by 2050 if it succeeds in replacing gasoline-powered cars with electric vehicles. (Crosscut)

GRID: Federal officials arrested two people they say planned to shoot at multiple Baltimore substations in a “racially motivated attack” that the suspects thought would “permanently completely lay this city to waste.” (New York Times, The Hill)

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