CLIMATE: Los Angeles region governments and nonprofits develop a climate roadmap calling for ambitious emissions reductions and investment in clean energy leading up to the 2028 Olympic Games. (Los Angeles Times)




HYDROPOWER: Federal officials say states’ voluntary efforts to slash water consumption from the Colorado River are adequate to maintain hydropower generation from Glen Canyon Dam in the near term. (Associated Press)

COAL: Tribal nations call for a meeting with the U.S. and Canadian governments to address cross-border selenium water contamination from coal mines. (Missoulian)

METHANE: Advocates find four Oregon and Washington landfills violated federal law last year by failing to mitigate dangerously high levels of methane emissions. (Grist)

EFFICIENCY: An Oregon researcher uses his own home as a laboratory for testing efficiency measures such as heat pumps, energy-saving appliances and enhanced insulation. (Oregonian)

MICROGRIDS: A western Colorado electric cooperative considers installing a solar-powered microgrid in a remote, high-mountain community to reduce avalanche-caused outages. (Telluride Daily Planet)


COMMENTARY: Montana ranchers call on federal regulators to block recently passed coal-friendly state laws, saying they would be disastrous for landowners and mining communities. (Helana Independent Record)

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