POLITICS: U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia meets with Democratic and Republican lawmakers as he looks to build a climate and energy bill that will win over Republicans and avoid the reconciliation process. (The Hill, Bloomberg)

• While Sen. Manchin touts an “all-of-the-above energy” approach, his home state has one of the least diverse energy mixes in the country, with 88% of its electricity derived from coal. (E&E News)
• Google proposes a policy road map to Congress, saying clean energy tax credits and other legislation would help the company reach 100% clean energy by 2030. (Utility Dive)

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CLIMATE: Human activity is leading the world to experience more major disasters every year, with about 560 catastrophes per year expected by 2030, a United Nations report finds. (Reuters)

ELECTRIFICATION: Washington becomes the first state to adopt statewide electrification mandates by requiring electric space and water heat pumps in most new commercial and multi-family buildings. (S&P Global)

• State, local, and federal emissions policies currently in place are set to reduce U.S. transportation emissions 19% by 2030, an analysis predicts. (Utility Dive)
• A survey of San Francisco electric vehicle charging stations finds around a quarter of them are likely non-functioning at any given time, and EV drivers nationwide say they often run into broken chargers. (Wired)
• Ford plans to scale up production of its electric F150 truck over the next year to be early in what’s expected to be a competitive segment of electric vehicles. (CNBC)

WIND: While demand for wind power is surging in the U.S. and elsewhere, turbine manufacturers are still struggling to make a profit. (Bloomberg)

SOLAR: As major clean energy projects wither in New England, small-scale residential rooftop solar installations are helping states reach their emissions and energy goals. (E&E News)

EQUITY: Indigenous leaders gather for a United Nations forum to set standards for respecting their land and rights as nations look to end harmful extraction and transitioning to clean energy. (Grist)

CARBON CAPTURE: At least four states have recently enacted laws that place long-term liability on the public, rather than private company operators, for storing carbon emissions deep underground. (Inside Climate News)

GRID: Major storms knocked out power to more than 900,000 Ohio utility customers last year, and experts say the problems could get worse if utilities don’t do more to prepare the grid for climate change. (Energy News Network)

The Biden administration has passed its target date for releasing oil and gas leasing reforms as disagreements rage over climate and gasoline prices. (E&E News)
The Biden administration rescinds a Trump-era policy that would have opened more of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska to oil and gas drilling. (Alaska Public Media)

EMISSIONS: In Pennsylvania, coal plant owners and other industry stakeholders file a lawsuit calling the state’s entrance into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative “patently unlawful.” (Associated Press)

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