CLIMATE: Montana youth win their climate lawsuit against the state as a judge affirms they have a “fundamental constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment,” potentially paving the way for similar court challenges. (Grist, E&E News)

• The Inflation Reduction Act is likely to drive tens of thousands more megawatts of solar installations in the next decade than would’ve been installed if the law hadn’t passed, a trade group’s analysis finds. (Axios)
• An independent audit by U.S. solar manufacturer FirstSolar finds victims of forced labor were working for four of its Malaysian subcontractors. (New York Times)

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• The United Auto Workers’ president says the Inflation Reduction Act has so far been “disappointing” as it hands out electric vehicle incentives to automakers without including labor standards. (Guardian)
Electric-car maker Canoo reports that it’s gearing up to begin production in Oklahoma to meet an order book valued at more than $3 billion. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Oklahoman)
• A Rhode Island school district discusses the lessons learned in its first year of using electric school buses, including tips to help drivers be more efficient. (ecoRI)

• A Texas agency that oversees public health and fossil fuel production considers new rules as oil and gas waste disposal sites move closer to residents who have spent significant time and money trying to challenge them. (Public Health Watch/Texas Tribune)
• Chicago environmental justice activists plan to propose land use and zoning policy reforms to address legacy industrial pollution concentrated in predominantly Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. (Inside Climate News)

• The Inflation Reduction Act’s direct payments for clean energy and climate initiatives mark a “game changer” for local governments, nonprofits and other entities that don’t pay federal taxes. (Canary Media)
• A wave of new U.S. electric vehicle and battery factories are creating thousands of jobs, but a study finds few workers are transitioning from carbon-intensive “dirty jobs.” (Quartz)
• A study finds Inflation Reduction Act incentives have lured about $16 billion in clean energy-related investments to Western states in the year since the legislation was signed into law. (NM Political Report)

OIL & GAS: Environmental groups call on the Biden administration to model federal pollution regulations on New Mexico’s emissions-limiting rules on oil and gas development. (Carlsbad Current-Argus, subscription)

GRID: Experts predict virtual power plants will take off as more electric appliances and vehicles join the grid and increase power demand. (Utility Dive)

POLITICS: Climate advocates and clean energy leaders reflect on their behind-the-scenes work shaping the Inflation Reduction Act and getting it passed. (Canary Media)

COMMENTARY: Federal permitting reform could ease the way for construction of new electric transmission lines such as the ones connecting an offshore wind farm to Virginia, writes a former U.S. Energy Information Administration official. (Virginian-Pilot)

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