INFRASTRUCTURE: The Biden administration vows to streamline environmental reviews and speed up infrastructure development, with specific teams dedicated to offshore wind and clean energy construction. (E&E News)

WIND: Wind has grown as a share of U.S. energy production since 2011 but has seen disparate adoption across states, with the Midwest leading by far. (S&P Global)

The Biden administration defends its oil and gas leasing pause in federal court, saying it was implemented to comply with environmental laws, not by executive order. (Associated Press)
• Major oil companies are making huge profits amid crude price spikes but so far haven’t used that cash flow for climate investments. (E&E News)
• Ahead of a critical midterm for Democrats, President Biden focuses on ways to cut energy prices instead of pushing Americans to conserve. (E&E News)
• Analysts anticipate an increase in crude oil transported through pipelines to Gulf Coast export terminals that will likely reach pre-pandemic levels by October. (Reuters)

SOLAR: Utilities in Southeast states make moves to reduce the rate they pay customers who generate their own power with rooftop solar arrays. (NBC News)

• The Energy Department starts gathering input ahead of launching a $2.5 billion fund to facilitate transmission buildouts. (Axios)
The reaction to two New York transmission projects may foreshadow similar fights elsewhere over how to move clean energy to where it’s needed. (Grist)
• A former National Grid COO sees big potential in federal regulators’ openness to dynamic line ratings, saying it could allow utilities to build transmission before they have the generation to match it. (S&P Global)

GRID: The U.S. is set to see electricity prices rise this summer, with New England likely to see increases as much as 15% due to high natural gas costs. (Inside Climate News)

TRANSPORTATION: Connecticut’s newly passed clean air law expands funding for an electric vehicle rebate program and allows for vouchers that can reduce the initial purchase price of an EV. (Energy News Network)

PIPELINES: Enbridge asks a federal court to deny a tribe’s effort to shut down the Line 5 pipeline over potential threats to the Bad River Reservation in Wisconsin, which tribal leaders have said would be an “act of cultural genocide” if permitted. (E&E News, subscription; Michigan Advance)

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennett of Colorado proposes a federal endowment to help communities affected by coal plant closures. (E&E News, subscription)
The operator and co-owner of Montana’s Colstrip coal power plant files for bankruptcy, saying it can’t compete with natural gas and renewable energy prices. (Montana Standard) 

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