CLIMATE: The White House releases its National Climate Assessment, laying out likely climate change impacts by region, from thawing permafrost in Alaska to rising temperatures and waters in the Southeast. (Grist)





NUCLEAR: Researchers and startup companies try to build on last year’s fusion technology breakthrough, in which a fusion reaction produced more energy than it took in. (New York Times)


  • Wisconsin consumer advocates say utilities should not continue to profit from shuttered coal plants, and call on state regulators to use financing tools to limit ratepayer impacts. (Energy News Network)
  • Wyoming lawmakers consider giving coal power plants more time to comply with a law requiring them to consider installing carbon capture equipment rather than shutting down. (WyoFile)

GRID: Startups pilot software that can help utilities and grid operators identify rare openings to connect new renewables to the grid. (Canary Media)

BIOFUELS: Opposition to carbon capture pipelines threatens to stall U.S. production of sustainable aviation fuels, industry players say. (Reuters)

COMMENTARY: The UAW’s contract negotiations will deliver major environmental benefits as Stellantis invests $4.7 billion to upgrade a shuttered Illinois assembly plant to build electric vehicles, advocates say. (Natural Resources Defense Council)

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