BUILDINGS: Renters who want to lower their emissions with electric vehicles and appliances run up against landlords who are reluctant to make expensive upgrades, and incentives aimed at single-family homeowners aren’t helping. (Washington Post)

ALSO: Massachusetts lawmakers and municipal leaders increasingly push for measures that would lower the greenhouse gas emissions associated with building materials. (Energy News Network)

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Cory Booker: Taking on Big Ag & Going Big on Climate 
Join Climate One Host Greg Dalton in conversation with Senator Cory Booker about reforming America’s food system and turning Inflation Reduction Act dollars into clean tech investments and green jobs.

• Researchers and journalists examine more than 1,200 potential climate change scenarios over the coming century, envisioning what will happen depending on how quickly the world takes action. (Washington Post)
• A United Nations analysis finds more than 90% of deaths attributed to climate disasters between 1970 and 2021 happened in developing countries, showing how climate change is hitting vulnerable people the hardest. (Axios)
• Energy, utility and materials companies often see a quick drop in valuation in the days after they’re served climate lawsuits or lose a case. (Guardian)
• Emissions avoided by recycling waste can offset the emissions of other trash that heads to solid waste landfills, researchers find. (Grist)

Companies worry it’ll be hard to accurately fulfill a coming federal requirement to disclose emissions up and down their supply chains, and that inaccurate reporting could hurt business. (Inside Climate News)
A climate advocacy group plans to launch a methane-detecting satellite next year to scan oil- and gas-producing regions and make the data it collects free to the public. (Reuters)

SOLAR: Enel North America announces it will build a $1 billion solar panel factory in Oklahoma after state lawmakers approved a $180 million incentive package. (Tulsa World)

POLITICS: House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says Republican-favored permitting reforms are still on the table for inclusion in debt ceiling legislation. (E&E News)

COAL ASH: A contractor reports it’s reached a settlement with the families of workers who were sickened after they were exposed to fly ash during the cleanup of a 2008 coal ash spill in Tennessee. (Knoxville News Sentinel)

HYDROPOWER: California, Arizona and Nevada reach a deal to cut Colorado River water use to buoy reservoir levels and preserve hydropower generating capacity at Glen Canyon and Hoover dams. (E&E News)

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Volunteer EV Drivers Needed!
EV WATTS is using real-world data to influence our future charging network. Interactive dashboards showcase the project’s analysis and results. If you drive an EV and would like to guide the future of EV development, sign up to become a data volunteer today!

WIND: A growing number of Great Lakes states are considering options for offshore wind energy despite challenges involving winter ice cover, insufficient port infrastructure and public opposition. (States Newsroom)

• As Texas lawmakers take steps to limit wind and solar, neighboring Gulf Coast state Louisiana actively courts the clean energy industry as it aims for net-zero emissions. (Houston Chronicle)
• Interconnection delays in grid operator PJM’s territory are harming states’ ability to reach clean energy goals, according to a new Natural Resources Defense Council report. (Utility Dive)

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