CLIMATE: After playing a key role in crafting the Inflation Reduction Act as U.S. Sen. Tina Smith’s top energy advisor, a scientist and political staffer returns home to Minnesota to help the state implement some of the country’s most ambitious clean energy laws. (Inside Climate News)

PIPELINES: An Iowa administrative law judge orders a carbon pipeline developer to give interested parties documents related to potentially hazardous plumes in the event of a pipeline breach and release. (Iowa Capital Dispatch)

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• Michigan utility officials say a pumped hydroelectric storage facility along Lake Michigan will act as “one huge storage solution” to manage peak production as more renewables come online. (MLive)
• A Michigan startup reaches a new milestone in developing lithium iron phosphate batteries for electric vehicles, noting they are safer and more durable than more common nickel cobalt manganese batteries. (Detroit News)

• A pilot offshore wind project in Lake Erie could be a test case for future Great Lakes wind projects, supporters say. (Guardian)
• MidAmerican Energy faces ongoing pushback to wind development in an Iowa county even after local officials expanded turbine setback distances. (KTIV)

OIL & GAS: “The period of low oil prices has left us,” a North Dakota official says after the state’s oil production rose 3% in June, the industry’s best month in more than two years. (Bismarck Tribune, Star Tribune)

EMISSIONS: Minnesota environmental justice advocates call for the closure of a Minneapolis waste-to-energy facility, saying its emissions disproportionately harm low-income residents and people of color. (MPR)

• A ComEd online solar calculator helps Illinois residents determine the upfront costs and potential savings of installing home solar panels. (CBS 2)
• A University of Wisconsin campus installs its largest solar project to date as part of a broader solar and energy efficiency plan. (La Crosse Tribune)
• An Indiana city plans to install a 1 MW solar project at a wastewater treatment plant that could cut electricity costs by $140,000 in the first year. (Columbus Republic)

• State Farm Insurance donates $1 million for an electric vehicle training program at a central Illinois community college near a Rivian manufacturing plant. (WEEK)
• A southwestern Missouri city is awarded a utility grant to install three public Level 2 electric vehicle charging stations. (Joplin Globe)

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GRID: Widespread blackouts spanning Michigan to the East Coast 20 years ago led to the adoption of many more safety and oversight measures to prevent such an incident again. (Michigan Radio) 

• The ongoing legal dispute over Line 5 in the Great Lakes could set a precedent for settling other disputes involving state regulatory authority and Native American rights, a Michigan professor writes. (The Conversation)
• The head of a Wisconsin grocers trade group says community solar can help grocery stores with razor thin margins lower their operating costs. (Capital Times)

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