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We’re taking a bit of a summer break this week and don’t have a clean energy analysis for you, but we’ve rounded up all the biggest stories from the past week.

Here’s what’s going on:

⛽ Tesla leads the charging race: As Ford and General Motors adopt Tesla’s electric vehicle charging technology and a wave of charging station operators say they’ll also support another standard, analysts say “it’s just a matter of time” before Tesla dominates the industry. (Canary Media)

💰 Utilities’ dark money trail: A new analysis finds the largest U.S. power utilities have funneled at least $215 million to dark money political groups in recent years, boosting legislators who have helped to increase rates, bail out failing power plants, and oppose clean energy. (Floodlight/Guardian)

🗒️ Biden’s energy policy agenda: The Biden administration’s energy policy agenda for the next year includes planned regulations on gas stoves and methane emissions, as well as public land protections and rules to boost transmission expansion and heat pumps. (E&E News)

🎖️ Marines go green: A U.S. Marine Corps base in rural Georgia uses biomass, solar and air chilled underground to become the first in the military to reach its net-zero carbon goal. (Washington Post)

🏭 Race-blind climate action doesn’t work: A study suggests cutting greenhouse gas emissions without considering race could end up subjecting communities of color to more air pollution. (Grist)

🛢️ Incentivizing ‘environmental havoc’: The world is subsidizing fossil fuels to the tune of nearly $6 trillion per year, incentivizing “environmental havoc” that harms people and the planet, the World Bank finds. (Guardian)

🍳 Another gas stove danger: Gas stoves often emit cancer-linked benzene fumes in levels higher than those found in secondhand tobacco smoke, Stanford University researchers find. (NPR) 

🏠 Bringing IRA incentives home: The U.S. Energy Department launches an online one-stop shop to connect homeowners, renters and drivers with federal electrification and energy efficiency incentives. (Canary Media)

🥶 Power plant freezeout: Many U.S. power plants haven’t heeded previous warnings and remain vulnerable to blackouts in extreme cold, federal regulators’ assessment of 2022’s Winter Storm Elliott finds. (Utility Dive)

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