UTILITIES: Most utility bills don’t disclose what chunk of ratepayers’ money is going toward pro-utility lobbying, leading federal regulators to consider making it harder for utilities to recoup these costs. (Grist)

POLITICS: Republicans plan to take action against investment firms distancing themselves from fossil fuels if they retake Congress this fall. (E&E News)

• The head of the Energy Department’s clean energy research arm discusses the agency’s role in launching new ideas to meet White House climate goals. (E&E News)
• Portland General Electric brings the nation’s first large-scale wind, solar and battery storage facility online in northern Oregon. (OPB)

• President Biden’s invocation of the Defense Production Act to boost solar industry manufacturing echoes former President Trump’s use of the act to prop up the coal industry. (Bloomberg)
• Analysts call President Biden’s use of emergency powers to boost the solar industry a “‘break glass’ moment,” and says they show he may take further emergency action to fight climate change. (E&E News)

WIND: Federal officials will conduct an environmental review of what would be Maryland’s first offshore wind farm, with three virtual public meetings scheduled to explain the scope of their work. (CBS Baltimore)

• A study finds global temperatures could continue to rise for years or even decades after humans stop emitting greenhouse gases. (E&E News)
• Critics say a metric meant to show clothing brands’ sustainability and environmental impacts is the product of “fashion’s worst climate offenders” and paves the way for greenwashing. (Intercept)
• Democrats will resume reconciliation bill talks this week as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer looks to strike a deal with Sen. Joe Manchin. (Washington Post)

POLLUTION: The EPA reaches a tentative deal with environmental groups to review its hazardous air pollutant standards for manufacturing plants in Louisiana’s “Cancer Alley” corridor between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. (E&E News)

• California climate advocates say a regional air quality board’s support of natural gas-fueled transportation endangers the region’s ability to meet federal emissions standards. (Guardian)
• A Colorado company begins pilot production of a solid-state electric vehicle battery cell it says has greater range, faster charging and lower cost than lithium-ion batteries. (CNBC)

OVERSIGHT: President Biden nominates two members to the Tennessee Valley Authority’s board, while still awaiting Senate confirmation for three other nominees. (Chattanooga Times Free Press)

GRID: Some California energy experts urge the state to prioritize preventing power outages over reducing greenhouse gas emissions to maintain political support for long-term climate goals. (E&E News)

PIPELINES: A federal appeals court upholds an eight-year prison sentence for an environmental activist who tried to sabotage construction of the Dakota Access pipeline. (Associated Press)

GEOTHERMAL: A St. Paul, Minnesota, high school will join just a handful of schools in the state by installing a ground-source geothermal heat pump system that will cut its natural gas consumption in half. (Energy News Network)

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