Reckoning in coal country

Lessons from Wyoming and Appalachia on planning for a future without coal

Webinar: Facing the future

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About the project

From the hills of West Virginia to the wind-swept prairies of Campbell County, Wyoming, journalists Mason Adams and Dustin Bleizeffer explore the cultural, political and economic obstacles faced by rural communities hoping to survive and thrive in a world without coal.

Produced in partnership with WyoFile and with funding from the Just Transition Fund.

About the authors

Mason Adams has worked as a journalist since 2001, covering Appalachian communities and the issues that affect them. Born and raised in Clifton Forge, Virginia, Mason previously worked as a wildlife biologist before moving into journalism. He lives in Floyd County, Virginia.

Dustin Bleizeffer has worked as a coal miner, an oilfield mechanic, and for 22 years as a statewide reporter and editor primarily covering the energy industry in Wyoming. He was a John S. Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford and also served as WyoFile’s editor-in-chief. He lives in Casper, Wyoming.

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Appalachia and Wyoming are dramatically different places, but they also offer each other cautionary tales, success stories, and reasons for resilience and hope. While the story continues to unfold, Reckoning in Coal Country provides a snapshot of these communities at a critical inflection point in American history.

Produced in partnership with WyoFile and with funding from the Just Transition Fund, Reckoning in Coal Country is a vital resource for anyone seeking to understand the challenges faced by rural communities in the transition away from fossil fuels.